Volkswagen unveils its all-new Electric Wagon, “ID Space Vizzion”

Volkswagen announced its all-new electric vehicle, the ID Space Vizzion at the 2019 LA Auto show. Although the irony here is that ID Space Vizzion is far more spacious than its predecessor ID Vizzion Sedan which was revealed by the company at 2018 Geneva Motor show. Volkswagen will roll-out the ID Space Vizzion with a new name probably in the United States in 2020.

The ID Space Vizzion is the 8th generation in its family of electric vehicles if Volkswagen ID R race car is taken into consideration otherwise it’s the lovely 7th generation of the very Electric Vehicle of the Volkswagen company. The ID Space Vizzion seems to be a damsel of heaven for all the automobile maniac out there. Why am I telling this? Because it might seem the same way for you after you hear out its high specs!

Well, Volkswagen all-new ID Space Vizzion runs on a battery of 82 kilowatts/hour. And it can measure a distance of 300 miles from its 22-inch wheel and 195.2-inch aerodynamic body. Although the 300 miles EPA estimated range of the vehicle had been tested by the company which expose it to the subjectivity and the actual range might vary. The ID Space Vizzion bags a rear axle motor of 275HP. And the charging capacity of the battery of the car is 150 Kilowatt.

Well, let’s see whether the new ‘ID Space Vizzion’ impressed Scott Keogh, the chief executive officer and president of Volkswagen group for his words does hold the massive amount in the Automobile industry.

“Volkswagen globally plans to sell 20 different electric models by 2025 at an annualized volume of nearly 1 million units using our modular electrical architecture. It will support the projected production volume of 20 million vehicles to 2029.”

“This makes us the largest, and the MEB platform by far the most efficient electric volume segment platform in the automotive industry. It will be used by other group brands and external partners such as Ford. The MEB brings massive scaling effects with no fewer than eight factories around the globe.

“We just broke ground specifically to build these electric vehicles last week, as part of an $800 million investment here in the US, in Chattanooga, Tenn. We will not only build the vehicles in Tenn. We will also assemble the batteries there as well.

“We have announced that worldwide, we will go carbon zero by 2025 in line with the goals of the United Nations, Paris Climate Agreement. It’s a massive statement. And frankly, it’s only possible with an electric future. This is our belief.”

It seems that Volkswagen will be releasing it other EV series keeping the Climate emergency in mind. Although Climate Emergency has not been officially declared all over the world, it exists, and every soul on this planet knows about. And this comment by the Chairman of Volkswagen sure seems like an assurance for all the Environmental worrywarts’ but the fact that electricity is produced mostly with the help of Fossil fuel and the fact that ID Space Vizzion is itself an EV doesn’t seem like an assurance at all.

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