Huawei might get to act as UK’s 5G plan equipment gear

According to the reports of Sunday’s Times, UK prime minister Boris Johnson is planning to allow Huawei in the ‘non-contentious’ parts of the country. Non-contentious parts of the UK are those regions or areas where the involvement of Huawei as the 5G network operator is not an issue of argument, and the damages that could be potentially inflicted on these areas in political and security aspect from China’s scrutiny are at its minimum.

Huawei is a China-based multinational company and has been a major UK telecommunication operator along with UK’s largest carriers EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. But due to the constraint relationship between the China and UK after the Brexit scene, it’s of no surprise that UK is wary of China’s movement to the extent of holding the Huawei about its future telecommunication consistency in the UK.

This is because the company is accused of posing a threat to the National security of the UK. To be precise, the company might act as an asset to the Chinese intelligence about every political, economic, and diplomatic move of the UK, although the company has strongly denied all such claims. But one might never identify a tiger under sheep’s clothing.

Another reason contributing to the uncertainty of the decision is, Washington banned all US companies for any kind of business partnership with Huawei and has been pressuring its allies to do the same.
And UK being a part of the Five Eye Alliance, which also include US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand along with the UK of course.

Five Eye Alliance is a shared intelligence network among these countries. To allow Huawei as a 5G equipment gear would act as a defiance to the alliance for Washington as it has already banned the company from its network gear. The same has been done by Australia. While New Zealand is under a dilemma for it has recently revoked its earlier ban on the same and has put the decision to hold.

Well, one thing is for sure that if anything, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wouldn’t want to enrage US President Donald Trump by allowing Huawei to do any business with the UK as a supplying gear on its 5G network as it would result to an international conflict between the two nations and if worst was to come to a cold war.

Although the fact if the company were to be banned in the UK, the nation could be left behind in many technological aspects than the other countries for there is no close substitutes available to some of the technology offered by Huawei. And this setback might not get accepted by the UK.

Many Government officials of the UK has accepted the fact that the UK possesses required technology to avert any such dire situation to declare any threat on National security.

But for now, any decision on this matter has not been taken, and a confirm statement by the UK government is expected before Christmas as this decision is declared as ‘Political issue’ that could help to minimize any repercussion from the US and the alliance as well.

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