TikTok inaudibly testing to launch a new feature of including hyperlinks in the Bio

Tiktok, which has been bringing on a hype among its makers, users, and several roasters who make videos regarding the weird short videos have always been trending. After several allegations and bans, TikTok, the Chinese company, which has android as well as iOS users, has come up with a brand-new feature.

Tiktok has been trying to be a platform of real usage to the viewers as well as the creators. It is trying to create videos that were filled with motivating and inspiring content. Presently, there have been talks about the inaudible actions of Tiktok in testing the features to enable users to visit other sites and shops. This visit can be facilitated by allowing clickable hyperlinks in the bios of their accounts.

Tiktok has been an application that provides measures to link your other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook to your account. And now the rolling out of the new feature where Tiktok is letting some few United States influencers to add hyperlinks in their bios would make the platform quite helpful for the promotions of the products users are related to.

In a recent conference, when it was declared about testing being conducted regarding removing the number of likes to make Instagram a healthy platform, created a huge sense of resentment. Many users on the platform did not like the hiding of the likes count for they use the statistics to judge their ad deals and sponsorships.

During this time, if Tiktok rolls the new feature of promoting the hyperlinks through their bio, which is already a trend over Instagram is going to prove a huge profit for the company as well as clarifies its motives for having an insightful role in people’s lives. This trend of using hyperlinks and promoting with the phrase LINK IN BIO is already quite a thing over Instagram.

Tiktok is a platform that has more than a billion users and has recently surpassed the counts of video downloads through the application. Tiktok has surpassed a count of 1.5 billion downloads recently, of which 500 million downloads are constituted only from India. With regard to such a situation, Tiktok must roll out this amazing feature where users other than showcasing their talents through their short videos can help themselves monetize.

Thus, Tiktok developers have been very concerned and have thought to help people monetize through their application. Confirmation of its current testing regarding the new feature of the addition of e-commerce links to its contents is going to help the company increase its turnover by helping them in increasing the users. Also, this is going to benefit the users to monetize.

Fabian Bern, the founder of Chinese Startup Uplab, posted a tweet on Thursday, demonstrating how the feature works. In the video, right underneath the cute little puppy running freely in a panda costume, you can see a link for “Pandaloon Costumes.” A tap brings the user to the creator’s Amazon Page, where they can scroll through and purchase an outfit for their own pup.

Regarding the whole thing, a Tiktok spokesperson told Business Insider the platform is “always experimenting with new ways to improve the application experience for the users. Ultimately, we are focussed on ways to inspire creativity, bring joy, and add value for our community.”

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