Tiktok surpasses the 1.5 billion download threshold; India tops as a contributor with 614 million downloads

Tiktok, which is regarded as an entertainment showcase application, has just surpassed records by having crossed the 1.5 billion downloads number worldwide. This is a huge thing for the Chinese company, and in attaining these huge statistics, India as a country has contributed the highest. Tiktok has been an application that is regarded as the only non-gaming application with such a huge number of downloads. The application now stands in the third position after WhatsApp and Messenger, who are in the first and second numbers in the downloads.

Last year the statistics of the number of downloads for the Tiktok application was something else, and evidently, there has been a 6% increase in the number as compared to the statistics of the last time. Sensor Tower, a firm, has come up with these numbers and has revealed that Tiktok has successfully surpassed the 1.5 billion ross mark when the statistics form the Play Store and App Store has been combined.

The analytics firm has confirmed that so far, in the year 2019, Tiktok has 614 million downloads, and India has contributed a quarter of it. This application, which helps in the making of short videos, has been a topic of major discussion many times throughout the year. And the application has crossed the 1 billion thresholds this February.

India has been a significant contributor on achieving these statistics and has been acquiring the first position, followed by China. India contributes 466 million downloads throughout the year, and China is the second best with 173 million downloads. If you are wondering who has been occupying the third position, it is none other than the United States with 123 million downloads.

Tiktok has just recently made this effort to help people monetize through the application by adding the hyperlinks that would help people visit sites, and this is being facilitated through the bio is a lot like Instagram. But this feature being tested while Instagram hiding the like numbers is going to prove a huge benefit for the Chinese company as Instagram users who use for Ads and sponsorships have regarded the like hiding as a major concern hampering their purpose.

Tiktok has also recently started doing useful educational content by launching EduTok in India. The basic idea of promoting these in India is to inspire people via knowledge and help people grow via education. This would help you use the platform Tiktok for a better activity other than using the same for entertainment.

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