Spotify tests its Music-Synced Real Time Lyrics

Spotify becomes the next app in line to add the music-synced lyrics to its existing pool of features. This new feature would be powered by Musixmatch.

Lyrics would be scrolling in time as the music progresses, and the song is played. This is a very helpful feature appreciated by users all over the globe alike. After all, lyrics give meaning to the song in the background, and when you have a hand-out of the same, you hardly need anything else.

Previously this music syncing feature was seen in Apple’s app, Apple Music. The lyrics are shown live on the screen in real-time. Needless to mention, Apple Music builds a competitive advantage in the league of music streaming applications.

In what is seen to be a test, Spotify, too has confirmed it is testing this feature in the news in selected markets internationally. Currently, the markets of Mexico, Indonesia, and Canada have seen test versions of these lyrics syncing to music addition to the Spotify mobile app.

Although the company has confirmed conducting tests, we cannot yet say when it would be launched as an app with the much-demanded feature as an update. A number of users have put up screenshots of the test changes in the app at their places that show the implementation of lyrics along with a song playing.

Several years ago, Spotify provided the same feature on the desktop. Later it was withdrawn. Nevertheless, the popularity meters roared in a clear mandate to bring the lyrics back. Its user feedback community speaking in unison is one glaring example.

A post that was dedicated to bringing the lyrics on the music feature “back” was written on the feedback community. With several thousand likes on the post, it garnered immense support among the Spotify crowd, who cheered for bringing the lyrics feature back altogether.

Lyrics are greatly helpful when people want to hum a song and wish to know the wording of the song. It is guessed that the scrolling lyrics would be powered by Musixmatch, which is a Bologna, Italy based popular music data company. This company has got its offices in London and San Francisco too. They have their dedicated app for lyrics to sync with their enormous database of collected songs.

With this collaboration with Spotify, which is a storehouse of a diversified range of music including regional and cultural ones, both are bound to flourish. The music streaming service, Spotify seems to get advanced, now that the feature has been finally confirmed by app officials to be under test phase.

An official whom media reached out for comment, confirmation and further update, wrapped up the info by simply stating: “We can confirm we are testing this feature in a small number of markets. We are always testing new products and experiences but have no further news to share at this time.”

Earlier also, Spotify had partnered with Genius, which powered it Behind the Lyrics feature. But that was a different thing. Genius provided additional stuff about the music you played and went along the annotation of the song.

This in-app lyrics feature could be enjoyed in the full-screen mode too. The new feature will be present at the same place where Behind the Lyrics and Storyline features are present.

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