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McDvoice Survey Questions – Could you tell McDonald’s if ‘you’re lovin’ it’?

With its lip-smacking burgers and happy meals at McDonald’s, it has become one of the most famous fast-food chains all over the world. It has become a household name for many and a source of income for several too. Not just it has provided several meals to be happy about; it has also provided a lot of employment opportunities all over the world.

But any company that’s made from scratch requires a lot to achieve where McDonald’s stands right now and one of the greatest steps towards making a chain which could serve itself all over the map requires proper feedback from every other customer, who, ultimately, is the quintessence of any company. 

Getting proper feedback is the backbone of any company, be it from their first customer or the millionth one. Feedbacks help the company to understand its bests and blues. McDonald’s knows for a fact that the feedback is everything that is going to keep improving their company as a whole. With this kept in mind, they’ve introduced their feedback receiving service called McDvoice, which provides quite a fine and interesting user interface for its customers.

McDonald’s Survey – What it want’s to know from customers?

The McDvoice survey allows you to react to its food and services accordingly, letting you tell if you liked it or not. Millions of customers become a part of this amazingly led survey involving a few McDvoice questions as it not only serves as feedback for the company but also gives rewards, discounts, and free coupon codes to the customers who take part in this. But here comes the question, “how to answer online McDonalds survey questions”?

As it turns out, it is really easy to take part in this process, starting with; you just have to browse the website:, which will take you to the online portal conducting the regarded surveys, namely, the McDvoice Customer Survey Web Portal. The next step would involve your McDonald’s bill receipt, in which you will be able to find a McDonald’s survey code probably around the middle part of the bill. There, you will have to enter the 26 digit survey code on the website itself, and the button below the space to enter code would be to start the survey, hence letting you give your candid feedback with either full appreciation or selective criticism.

Type of McDvoice Questions

You will face the following Mcdvoice Survey Questions:

  1. You will have to tell you about the type of order first, whether it was Dive in, Drive-Thru, or CarryOut. 
  2. After that, you will need to rate the restaurant with the amount of satisfaction received by you, starting from Highly Satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied. It will increase your progress towards the completion to 14%, leading you to the next more-detailed part of the survey.
  3. Now you will have to deal with the McDvoice questions about the taste, temperature, accuracy, et cetera of the order. These questions thoroughly discussed in the following part.

McDonald’s Survey Questions

McDonald’s cares for every aspect of your order, which becomes quite apparent during the presented McDonald’s survey questions itself. It starts with the discussion about your order type, then goes on to ask about the following things:

  1. The ease of placing the order.
  2. The temperature of your food.
  3. Cleanliness of the restaurant.
  4. The taste of food.
  5. The quality of food.
  6. Friendliness of the crew.

When you rate this part of the survey, you will be required to answer the following things:

  1. The speed of the service.
  2. Accuracy of the order.
  3. The overall value for the price paid.

Indepth of McDvoice Survey Questions

After this, you need to answer a few more Mcdvoice survey questions:

  1. Which parts of your order were not up to the mark?
  2. The number of people went to the restaurant. 
  3. Then, mark the number of visits you paid to the restaurant in the past 30 days. 
  4. McDvoice then gets to the problems, if faced by the customers and asks if he/she has to deal with any problems with the order or the restaurant. 
  5. After all this, it asks if you told your problem to the crew or not. If you did convey your concerns, then how satisfied were you with their response to it. This question, too, just like the others, would require to be rated on a highly satisfied to a highly dissatisfied range. And if you did not tell your problem to the restaurant, then rate the answer as N/A. 
  6. The next step would be to tell about the mismanagement of things if occurred, and you will be able to choose the options from the list given below which would be consisting of things like the following things:
    •  Transaction issues related to coupons and discounts.
    • Quality of beverage and food.
    •  Friendliness of the crew.
    •  Malfunctioning equipment.
    • Accuracy of order, missing items of the order, and several other things. 
  7. Then there comes the question regarding your preference of McDonald’s in the next coming month/30 days and if you would like to suggest McDonald’s to anyone else. 
  8. In the third-last part of the survey, you need to discuss the problem in detail (maximum 1200 words) with the information about your respective order.
  9. Next, it will ask about your favorite fast-food restaurants in the country with a list of the major restaurants.
  10. In the last part of the survey, there would be an optional demographic question presented before you, which will be with regard to your details like gender, annual income, age, et cetera. By answering this last given question of the McDvoice customer survey, it would be deemed complete.

McDonald’s Rewards for your UnHappy meal!

If you have completed the survey and listed all the concerns, then you will be given a validation code at the end of the McDvoice survey, which can be acclaimed within the first 30 days of receiving it. This validation code can get you several discounts and coupons when presented at the restaurant. Note: This validation code will only be valid once per customer and cannot be sold, transferred, or duplicated in any form, or the authenticity of the code will be entirely ruined.

McDvoice Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only human to have questions about something, and that too when it all boils down to the matter of food!

The most common and frequently asked questions about the McDvoice survey discussed in this article are as follows:

Does McDonalds give you free food when you call to make a complaint?

It depends on the severity of mistakes that would have occurred in the order, but an assured discount would be rewarded for sure.

Will McDonalds give rewards even if we give less ratings?

Yes, with no doubt, McDonalds gives rewards irrespective of the answers you give in the survey. McDonald’s is a trustworthy company, taking full care of its customers, and if they face any problem, then McDonald’s pays undivided attention and resolution to it.

Do I need to fill all sections to get a coupon?

It depends on you; there are several parts of the survey that can be skipped or just marked as N/A. Most probably, though, you would get the coupon if you fill out all the necessary parts of the McDvoice survey.

Does McDonald’s give refunds for bad food?

Yes, It does give refunds or coupons to cover for the bad service from their side.

Is it possible that I may not get any rewards even after I took part in the survey?

It’s highly unlikely for that to happen. If it is said on the receipt, McDonald’s definitely gives you rewards. If in case it stopped taking the feedback then you might not get rewards.

What kinds of questions asked in the survey?

About the service, food, availability, crew, et cetera


McDonald’s survey questions are a great help to both of the parties involved, the customer and the service provider. The best part of the McDvoice survey is that it is taken very seriously, and no complaints ignored or put aside. Every dissatisfied customer rewarded with their deserving discounts and coupons. Every vigilant and a happy fan of happy meals is also rewarded with the same amount of appreciation from the company.

McDonald’s has been around for a long time and knows how to serve and provide to its customers, whilst giving them satisfaction and value of the money paid. This kind of survey service has helped to retain its close connection to its customers and intends on doing so for a longer run. McDonald’s has made sure with all of the facilities and services provided that its customers keep lovin’ it!

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