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Free Mcdonalds Food! Now Im Actually ‘lovin’ It’!

Remember that time when you cried for that fancy happy meal box standing at the billing kiosk, and finally, your mom bought one for you? That was some insane happiness. Now you’re grown up, and what makes you happy is just those mouth-watering burgers and fries, and what if I tell you, you can get them for FREE! Hell yes, Get free Mcdonald’s food for real!

Mcdonald’s has some serious market competition, and to retain its lovely customers, it keeps coming up with cooling strategies that make the customers crawl back to them. The most famous is the McDonalds free food coupons which are accepted at all outlets. After all, who doesn’t want to save a couple of dollars or maybe get a free coke? (Fun fact: McDvoice free food tastes yummier, hehe!)

When will Mcdonald’s offer free food?

Mcdonald’s keep coming up with regular offers, but they go huge on offers, especially during holidays like Christmas and New Year’s! They love to capture the attention of the audience by launching new products as they sell effortlessly during this time. Lets see about how to get free mcdonald’s food below.

How to get Free McDonald’s Food?

Here are different methods to grab free McDonalds food,

McDonalds Survey for Free Food

But the question is how to get free food from McDonald’s? Now, buddy, they ain’t going to come searching for ya, so you gotta hustle a little. Don’t worry; it’s pretty easy. Mcdonald’s has all its ears for customer feedback as it helps them better their mechanisms and serve your favorite food the better way, so it has launched Mcdvoice, a small Mcdonald’s survey for free food (which you can fill at where you have you enter the 26-digit survey code at the middle of your McDonald’s receipt, answer a couple of questions and you’re good to go. Once done, you’ll be issued a McDvoice free food voucher or coupon, and your food will be free. Isn’t that great? Within minutes you can take McDonalds survey for free food.

McDonald’s App

Mcdonald’s has its own mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. You have to download the app on your phone and register yourself with some basic information. The deals which the app provides are crazy! It offers amazing combos at super discounted prices. You can easily redeem the McDonalds coupons when near a kiosk or a billing machine and enjoy really cheap food. So, download McDonalds app for free food and that too at free of cost!

Free McD Home Delivery & Promotional Events

It also has some cool offers for home delivery. You just have to log on to their official website, enter your email address and location, and Mcdonald’s will keep sending you coupons and vouchers valid on dining and home delivery options.

Not just that, they’ll also keep you updated about any new product launch and promotional events coming up! If you are already registered on the Mcdvoice official website, you can get a chance to eat free food on these launch events. So, watch out for such events as they are a clever way of bagging a couple of discount vouchers. Now its time to grab some McDonalds free food vouchers!

Birthday Treat Easy On Your Pocket

Not just that, we at Mcdonald’s love to celebrate your birthday the grand way! So walk into your nearest outlet anytime between 8 am-11 pm and ask for any inhouse discounts for birthday parties. Ronald Mcdonald will be waiting for you with hot and fresh burgers and lots of balloons!

About McDonalds

Mcdonald’s is America’s largest food chain, and legit sells 78 hamburgers per second. It has customer traffic of about 62 million people per day, and thus their customer retention is very important to them. They invest heavily in their public relations and are very cautious of its reputation; thus, they make quick efforts to fix messy situations to make their valuable customers happy. 


Do Mcdonald’s employees get free food?

Often people are curious whether McD employees get free food or not. Well, it depends on the inhouse manager. He may be kind enough to let the employees eat the leftovers. Still, according to company policy, the manager is offered a free meal within the day, and the employees are offered discounted meals! 

Does McDonalds give you free food when you call to make a complaint?

The inhouse manager looks into any complaints that customers bring to the counter. In case of issues of cold fries or burgers, the house replaces it for the customer, and if the complaint is too severe, the manager might make the meal free of cost, depending on the situation. 

How to get free food at McDonalds Drive Thru?

If they ever forget to put something in your drive away order, and you tell them, you get the next meal free! After you pay for your order if you don’t get your food hot and fresh within 60 seconds or less. You can get a free Mcd product for free on your next visit.

Final Verdict

Hope you got the answer to your query ‘how to get free food from mcdonalds’. Follow any of the method provide above and grab a free food from McD.

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