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How to do McDonalds Survey? You can do it even without the receipt!

Talking in general terms, conducting surveys refers to gathering certain thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and feedback from a large set of the population comprising individuals or a group of individuals in order to do a demographic statistical analysis for the sake of business. Surveys are a kind of primary search helping in enhancing knowledge on fields of demography and social research. The scope of conducting surveys can be either at a local scale or a worldwide global scale.

McDonald’s has started conducting its own surveys as a type of primary research. The purpose behind this is to gather feedback, thoughts, and opinions of their customers towards the products and services offered by them. McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey can be able to assess the food quality provided by them so that they can further improve upon it for the satisfaction of customers. 

McD Survey – Benefits to Customers and Company

The feedback and opinions obtained from McDonald’s customer survey in the form of statistical data and results help the company to evaluate their food services provided by them to the customers.

These surveys assist them with the improvements required in terms of quality, type of food services, and their overall brand positioning in the market. Apart from surveys, McD’s primary research also includes questionnaires, immediate customer feedback, either online or offline, and interviews, which can be face to face or over the telephone or email.

Are these surveys done only for the benefits of the company? No. Customers enjoy benefits and concessions through giving feedback over these surveys. McDonald’s survey serves customers with huge discounts and concessions the next time on a visit to the restaurant.

It offers various coupons and rewards as well in food. Occasionally, free food also served to some lucky customers! The company even inculcates extra products and services on its menu in order to meet and fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations. 

Prerequisites to take part in – McDonald’s Customer Survey

There are certain rules or terms and conditions applicable in case of to be strictly followed before taking part in the McDonalds receipt survey and are listed below:

  • Customers must be residents of the USA or Canada. 
  • The minimum age required is 15 years.
  • McDonald’s customers can take up to 5 surveys in a month per store. 
  • Coupons and vouchers must be redeemed within 30 days of survey, post which no extension is allowed.
  • Receipts valid in the past 7 days should only be used for registration purposes. 

How to participate in McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey? 

So, How to do McDonalds Survey? Customers could participate in this survey, either online or offline. For online participation, customers need to visit the official website of McDonald’s, which is – McDonalds customer survey. Before taking part in the survey, customers must have a recent McDonald’s receipt. It is highly recommended to take the receipt every time on a visit to any McDonald’s store.

Step-by-Step Process to take McDonalds Receipt Survey

1. Visit to take part in the McDonalds survey.

2. The first and foremost thing is choose a comfortable language as preferred, English or Spanish. 

3. Next, it asks a 26-digit code to enter, provided on the receipt.

McDvoice Survey Page

4. However, if customers do not have the code, they can click on the button, saying, “If you have not printed the code on your Receipt.” 

5. Soon after this, fill the details such as Store number, KS, date and time of visit, Order number and Amount Spent. 

6. And here pops up a specific questions relevant to the last visit made to the store, like the type of order made, quality of food and service, delivery of services, the behavior of staff, etc.

7. The company expects the answers to be fair and unbiased, so that helps them for further improvements to the store. However, your answers won’t affect the redemption of offers.

8. After a click on the “Submit” button, a validation code will be generated, which can be redeemed by the customers for offers in their next visit to the store. 

Offline participation for the McD survey involves the process in which customers give comments and feedback regarding food quality, delivery services, the behavior of staff, etc., on pen and paper after they use the services of the store. The company even conducts face to face interviews asking customers about their feedback and improvements that they can make in order to fulfill the expectations of customers and provide them satisfaction and happiness. 

Why can’t I take my McDonald’s survey?

McDonald’s allows taking surveys only through its official website online or offline in the form of interviews or pen and paper feedback from customers in stores itself. There are certain terms and conditions to follow as mentioned above pertaining to the standards of the franchise. 

The reason that you can’t take the McDonald’s survey might be you are below 15 years or you are not resident of USA/Canada. Also, once check the receipt date. You need to enter the www mcdonalds com survey within 7 days from the date of receipt. If it exceeded 7 days, the survey code will not be valid to take McDonald’s voice survey.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American franchise company making and selling fast food, which established in the year 1940. Richard and Maurice McDonald named it as they opened a restaurant in California, US. This franchise sells fast food like hamburgers, french fries, cheeseburgers, and some chicken food items also along with wraps, drinks, shakes, and desserts as well. 

Recently the company has added some healthy food items in its menu as well on certain demands and complaints of the customers, like fish, fruits and salads, and smoothies. McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest private fast-food franchises in terms of turnover and serves more than 50 million customers across 100 countries daily.


How frequently can I take the McD survey?

According to the terms and conditions, surveys can be taken up to 5 times per customer per store. Moreover, receipts are valid for 7 days from the date of billing. 

What does a McDonalds survey code do for you?

On obtaining the McDonalds survey code, you will get a chance to enter the survey. By doing so, you can avail various coupon offers and vouchers or buy one get one free offer like Quarter Pounder with cheese or one Egg McMuffin. These offers must be redeemed within 30 days of survey, post which no extension is allowed.

How does McDonald’s get their customers to survey?

McDonald’s conducts offline surveys through face to face interviews or pen and paper comments and feedback. Online surveys conducted through the official website called There customers are provided with a questionnaire to fill and submit.

How to go to the McDonald’s Employment Survey?

There are many websites where feedbacks regarding employees are tweeted. McDonalds customers can also give feedback of their own apart from the asked questionnaire on the official survey website, where they can comment on the employees.

Why did McDonalds remove the survey code items from their receipt?

McDonald’s removed the survey code items from their receipt so that they could provide a better way of taking surveys online through a questionnaire, which would be neglected if customers would get it easily on the receipts without comments and feedback.

What can you get by doing a McDonalds survey?

On doing the McDonalds survey, you will get a validation code. Through that code you can redeem the offer printed on your receipt. For the company, it can get to know its brand positioning in the market, the taste of customers, whether their customers remain satisfied or not by their food quality and all. In the end, how could they improve the standards, overall, to make customers gratified and happy?

How many numbers in McDonald’s survey code?

There are 26 numbers in McDonald’s survey code.


McDonald’s keeps on adding new food items to its menu for making customers satisfied and happy. Comments from customers are very helpful for the company, and McDonald’s wants to see its customers content and happy. It takes just a few minutes to take up a survey and complete it. After all the exciting offers, coupons and rewards are coming up for you! Get ready! It’s not at all a waste of time, if you could get good quality and delicious food from here!

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