A new update to hit the surface in 2020 for Google News: “Beyond the Headlines”

Google’s news aggregator section called Google news is developed by Google and is the one which helps us go through a huge number of news collected from several newspapers, news sites and magazines all in a go. This does have an Android as well as an iOS application which when people download and subscribe get their top 5 headlines they are interested in, and they should know about.

Google had a major redesigning last year, but that was not it. This year, the search giant has declared an announcement that brings in new features to the application, Google News, this 2020 and as per the news, this update is going to be the talk of the year with its very significant new feature. In 2020, Google News is going to get a new update called, Beyond the Headlines which has been introduced as a very important feature.

This feature would help the company to connect the readers in a better way to the articles they are coming across and also help the readers to explore the contents of huge importance like lifestyle, healthcare, environment and many more. Google this time has been able to bring on an essential feature of news reading which is the reading time. This feature, which is regarded as a significant feature, has already been implemented in many news applications.

Google news always has brought in updates and changes in order to help people understand the importance of proper and authentic news in their lives. It always strives to provide people worldwide with news which they feel is necessary for them to know as well as is enjoyable to read. Raffaele Colella as the Product Manager of Google News, said that they want to recognize the publishers which are having this sheer need in them to dive deep into the headlines and also help provide them with the knowledge about what and how to gain the content of the news they are eager to know about.

Are busy or hurrying to somewhere and totally in doubt whether you would want to read the whole article or would actually have a problem due to the unavailability of time? Then with the help of the read time, you would properly have an idea about how much amount of time you require to go through the article more deeply through “beyond the headline”. This definitely helps you reach to a very efficient decision.

Along with this, it has also said,” The stories are surfaced and organized using our Google News algorithms. Users can find the feature on the right side of news.google.com, and it is now available on desktop globally in U.S. English. More languages and a mobile version are planned for 2020.”

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