G Suite users going to share a single profile picture for both Google and Gmail

On Monday, Google announced that it would be combining the Gmail users profile photo with the Google account. Google said that this is for the ease of use and said that it would also be very helpful for business purposes. Simply saying all Google applications will share a single image to resolve all confusions.

Google has been making so many updates in recent times, and one of the important updates is this one. So, as a result, the G suite users will simply be diverted to the “About me” page of the Google profile setting, if they want to change their profile picture. User can change their profile picture there, and that single picture will be displayed across all Google applications.

Currently, Gmail profile picture does not have anything to do with Google’s profile picture; that is, both Google and Gmail have different profile pictures. Google also says that both Google and Gmail having the same profile picture can be sometimes confusing. But now, Google changed that all the users will have a single profile picture across all the Google apps.

Thus, if when a user logins to Gmail and go to the “About me” settings, there will be a pop-up asking to upload a new image or to choose one between two images which are already in your Gmail and Google. When a Gmail user goes into the settings, then General and then My Picture to change the existing picture, he/she will be directed to the “About me” page of the Google asking to set up a single profile picture for both Google and Gmail.

 Google said in a statement on Monday, “We are combining the Gmail photo with the Google account profile photo for G Suite users. Now, when you go to change this setting in Gmail, you’ll be directed to the ‘About me’ section of your Google profile settings to set your profile picture”. Before this update, it was difficult for the users to find which picture will be displayed in which. But now, the user will be able to manage the picture easily.

Thus the company added, “When you visit Settings > General > My Picture in Gmail on the web, you will be directed to change your picture in the “About me” section of your Google profile settings. If your Gmail and profile photos are currently different, and you have permission to edit your photo, you will see a pop-up when you visit your “About me” settings which will prompt you to select one of the images or choose an entirely new photo”.

As the announcement suggests, the Gmail user can no longer set a Gmail profile picture that will be displayed only to the Gmail contacts to which one can send and receive messages. So from today, if you have different profile pictures in your Google and Gmail account, it will lead to the Google’s “About me” page prompting to set the same profile photo, and it displays some options like

  • Use current Google account profile photo
  • Convert Gmail photo to Google account profile photo
  • Upload a new photo

But, users can avoid this change by simply not visiting the “About me” page itself.

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