Flu Forecast now on your Weather app with the help of Watson

“When France sneezes, the whole of Europe catches a cold.” Though metaphorically but true to its literal meaning. Accordingly, we all have heard from our parents and grandparents that the best way to avoid flu is, “Prevention is always better than cure.” And hence should avoid any physical contact with an infected person.

And sometimes, it happens that even though the flu virus has already infected someone but the symptom appearance has been delayed, and the advice doesn’t come in handy at all. But don’t worry at all, this too has solved for you! How? You ask!

Well, the latest weather app of Android and iOS offers a flu detection feature as it uses IBM’s Watson to predict the Flu affectability in your area. The app will provide a pop notification whenever there is a Flu epidemic or on start season of the same in your area.

IBM is a Computer hardware company; it’s an International Business Machines Corporation and an American multinational information technology company that is headquartered in Armonk, New York and has operations in over 170 countries. And IBM is collaborating with Watson for this feature offered by the new weather app for Android and iOS users.

There might be sometimes or situations when you are down with when you’re not supposed to be like on your Birthday, Anniversary or Date with your insignificant other. Sometimes Flu infection’s help to enhance the mood or air of such occasions’ but you know that Miracles don’t happen often. And the best thing about this app is that it will help you to avoid indulging yourself from Flu infected parties and reunion. The app can help you to avoid flu at most crucial times with a 15-day Flu forecast in your area.

Well, as we all know that there are two sides of the same coin that is positive and negative, while this app helps you to remain untouched by the Flu attacks in its onset season. This app might also help you to develop a Flu, avoiding phobia in itself. Well, the phobia name is in itself very unique, and as you guessed it right the effect of this very phobia is also very unique.

To put it in very simpler terms, one might develop an extreme repulsion from the disease from this very same app. That is to say that Curiosity will kill the cat. As one might not step out of their own house given the pop-up alerts of the app and if the alerts will be shown during the school season, people might avoid being regular to school to avoid flu instead of attending it with full preventative protection.

However, this might not be the case if the app is used to take preventative measures and only resort being shut in the house if the infection reaches a fatal level.

Lastly, if you want to be a part of the ‘Non align Flu’ movement in the upcoming winter and flu season, you can download the app on Google play store or Apple play store as per your OS. Although if you are already a victim of the flu, there is always a second chance and the probability of avoiding it is guaranteed at that.

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