Disney+ 3.5 hour trailer proves all the movies it tweeted are real

If you are a big Disney fan, then you must be aware of the upcoming release of Disney plus. If you don’t know what Disney plus is, then let us brief you. Disney plus is a movie streaming service by Disney somewhat similar to Netflix.

If you were anywhere near social media on Monday, then there is not a chance that you missed Disney’s massive 600 plus tweet thread announcing which titles are going to be available to stream on Disney plus. As soon as the tweets made, social media practically went into chaos with people going, “that’s not a real movie.”

To illuminate people about the spectacular catalog of Disney plus, Disney released a 3.5-hour long video on YouTube listing the title of every movie along with a 15-second clip that will appear on the streaming service.
The trailer is similar to Netflix’s monthly video that lists the new additions but longer- three hours and 28 minutes.

From Disney’s highest-grossing blockbusters to Disney’s lesser-known treats, the trailer showcases the video montage of every movie that earlier made people all over the internet say “this is not a real movie.”

Yes, The Barefoot Executive is a real movie and a superb movie at that. The truth is that people don’t remember the Disney era before 1989, which was when Disney gained its popularity through The Little Mermaid. Everyone remembers The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story but there are only a few if not many who remember Disney titles like Sammy, the Way-Out Seal, and The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin.

Disney is known for going all out, and here Disney has indeed gone all out to bring its hidden gems out for the world to see and remember.

Amidst all the tweets announcing the titles that would be available to stream, people are left scratching their heads as to why some of the more prolific titles were left behind in tweets and trailer as well. Up, Skyhigh, Tarzan, Enchanted, The Avengers, Truly, Madly, Deeply (1990), All that Jazz (1979) are just some of the gems that were not included. People are confused as to why Disney left Maleficent out of the list when the sequel released just now.

And that’s not even the biggest bummer. The saddest news is for Miyazaki fans. All the Ghibli lovers may know that Studio Ghibli has strict copyrights over their movies that it is almost impossible to any of the movies legally online. Even though Disney acquired worldwide distribution rights to Studio Ghibli films, not even a single movie is included in Disney plus’s catalog.

If you are one of the people who are waiting for Disney plus then your wait is almost over as Disney plus is set to launch on November 12 for $6.99 a month or $69.99 for a whole year, which is $5.83 per month. Recently, the company also offered a ‘Founders Circle’ deal that enabled customers to buy a three-year subscription for a price of $169.99.

In addition to all the shows that will be available, Disney has announced that more originals will arrive next month with Star Wars and Marvel properties being some of them.

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