Free Mcdonalds Food! Now Im Actually ‘lovin’ It’!

Remember that time when you cried for that fancy happy meal box standing at the billing kiosk, and finally, your mom bought one for you? That was some insane happiness. Now you’re grown up, and what makes you happy is just those mouth-watering burgers and fries, and what if I tell you, you can get […]

McDVoice Coupon for Free Food, Discounts & More!

Mcdvoice is a survey that Mcdonalds do to know what their customers think about their products. It is an effort by the company to assess customer satisfaction by getting customer feedback through an online survey. The information collected through this survey helps the company to make its service better and to provide a better experience […]

How to do McDonalds Survey? You can do it even without the receipt!

Talking in general terms, conducting surveys refers to gathering certain thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and feedback from a large set of the population comprising individuals or a group of individuals in order to do a demographic statistical analysis for the sake of business. Surveys are a kind of primary search helping in enhancing knowledge on fields […]

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