Apple Arcade now features 100 games with the addition of 6 new releases

Apple’s Arcade is back with early Christmas presents for its subscribers. Arcade, the subscription-based gaming service by Apple now has a total of 100 games for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, after adding six more brand new games on Friday.

The list of games added to the catalog is pretty impressive with gems like Sociable Soccer. The game is the sequel to Sensible Soccer from the early 1990s. The game by Rogue Games lets you represent different clubs and lets you develop your teams with the help of 25,000 upgradable player cards from 1,000 international teams. The game offers something to everyone with its intuitive and ultra-flexible gameplay. It provides the players with a head-to-head multiplayer gaming experience or a 60-hour campaign mode to conquer the world of soccer.

Another gem by Oink Games is Takeshi and Hiroshi. The fantasy game is a take on the combination of puppet animation and role-playing. Its a tale of two brothers, fourteen-year-old Takeshi, who is a game designer to be, and Hiroshi who always wants to play the games by his brother as soon as possible. The storyline follows the game which is still in the making and Takeshi needs to improvise and sometimes take on the role of monsters himself. Takeshi’s only goal is to make sure his little brother enjoys the game, tackle big challenges, but make sure he doesn’t lose.

Guildlings by Sirvo Studio is an adventure game. In the game, you and your best friend head out for a quest through dark tunnels to reach the mystical mountain temples. Dueling with goblins, ghosts, and scientist coffeemakers, you will save the world from tearing itself. Produced and developed by Asher Vollmer, makers of three, IGF award-winner Jaimie Antonisse, the game is a story-driven episodic adventure. The game is inspired by the classic RPGs, with the satisfaction of point and click puzzlers and visual novel games.

Discolored is another adventure game by Shifty Eye. The plot revolves around a desolate roadside diner with all its colors lost. The player plays the role of a detective who is sent there to solve the mystery and restore the colors to this once-vibrant world by solving an array of inventive puzzles only to uncover a selection of clues. Along the way, the player discovers the cause for the place to lose its colors along with some deep secrets hidden in the middle of the dessert. A unique exploration game fused with intricate puzzles not only provides the player with a mind-boggling experience but a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack too.

The second last game on the list is UFO on Tape- First Contact. The action-packed game by Revolutionary Concepts is a sequel to the award-winning iOS 2010 release UFO on Tape where you speed through the countryside to fight the unknown visitors from space.

The last entry on the list is a game by Marble it up, Marble It Up: Mayhem is a next-generation platformer. With smooth controls a fantastic visual fidelity, rolling physics, and outstanding designs, the game offers an amazing campaign with new and exciting obstacles, mind-bending paths and crazy gravity.

The subscription service allows up to six family members to share the account for rupees 99 only. Also, the games are supported by PS4 and Xbox controllers along with Apple devices. Every game in the catalog can be played offline without any advertisements or microtransaction, so that’s a plus.

“We will continue adding new games, carefully ensuring that each curated addition offers something new and unique to the portfolio, and continues to deliver high quality, value and fun,” Apple said on Friday.

On the final note, you cannot find Apple Arcade games on any other platforms, so an Apple device is a must to enjoy these gems.

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