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McDVoice Survey – Full of Rewards!

McDonald’s is the biggest fast-food chain in the world because all age groups love everything that they offer at their restaurants. There are many other similar fast-food chains, but all of us rush to McDonald’s no matter what because they constantly keep updating their menu to make the food more exciting for us. The McDvoice survey has been extremely useful in reaching out to customers and getting to know their feedback about McDonald’s.

McDvoice survey gives the food giant a chance to connect to its customers to help them share their recent experience at the restaurants. Anyone can participate and win exciting prizes through it as well. It is a great opportunity for you too, to be able to share your views and maybe help it make some useful changes. 

McDonalds Survey Importance

McDonald’s has gone from being a basic fast-food chain to having proper café’s because it knows what its customers need. Business growth and customer satisfaction is the main goal the brand has been aiming for since it was established. Earlier, we used to have very basic restaurants with a limited menu, but now there are Mc Cafes that serve customised food as well.

Knowing when to change and how to bring forth that new element every time, has been the biggest benefit behind the success of McDonald’s. Things like this McDonald’s survey have really been a helpful tool in getting to know about the true customer experience, for them. Through the same ways, they bring forward new schemes and menus, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. 

Rewards for you from www McDonalds com Survey

The McDvoice survey started by McDonald’s on has been an initiative on their part to know how customers feel about their restaurants and what their experience has been while visiting one of them. The aim is to gauge the satisfaction levels through the same. Customers have a chance here to put forward their views and really help make the restaurants better.

Participating customers can also win a cashback of amounts which will be randomly picked by the website. Free burgers are also included in the prices so its great value for the ten to fifteen minutes you will spend in filling up the survey questionnaire. Another addition to this is the $25 discount which McDonald’s voice survey takers will get on completing it.

Lucky winners from the McDonalds survey might also get a gift card of $100 after they are done with their feedback. It is not a very time taking process, and the rewards that you get in return are also pretty amazing. 

Entry methodsOnline
Rewards$25 discount, $100 gift card, free burgers
ValidityCurrent purchase receipts from McDonalds
Required Age15
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish

Questions that you need to prepare for McDonald’s Survey

The survey on McDvoice com will start with general questions about your visit to McDonald’s and then move onto feedback about the service and food. It will be a questionnaire designed to know about your entire experience at any of the McDonalds outlets.

  • The first question after entering the basic data would be about your date of visit and the amount you have spent at the outlet. Try to answer these questions genuinely. 
  • Then the survey will move on to asking questions about the quality of the food that you received.
  • Your views on the pricing will also be asked, whether you think it is appropriate right now or you would want the menu to be lesser priced or vice versa.
  • Quality of service will have the maximum number of questions wherein the behaviour of staff members will be asked about. You can be completely honest if any misbehaviour has happened. 
  • The McDonalds voice survey will be complete once you receive the validation code on your screen. Keep moving forward and answer questions to reach the end of the survey. 

How do you join the McDvoice Customer Survey?

Any customer of McDonald’s can enter in their online McDvoice customer survey. All you would need is the receipt of your purchase, which will also have the survey code you would eventually need to login on the website. The only way participants can be a part of the survey is through the website, which is – McDonalds customer survey. It is also important that the receipt you are using is the latest and not any old receipt. The website will immediately reject all the old survey codes which are connected to old receipts. 

Pre-Requisites of participating in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

There isn’t much that is needed for participating in the survey, but there are certain things that you would need to keep in mind before you move onto filling the survey questionnaire. 

  • A valid purchase receipt is a must, preferably of today’s date. Old receipts and survey codes will be shown as invalid by the website, so if you wish to get the rewards, it is best you use the receipt of your latest purchase. 
  • Internet connection is much needed because the survey can only be taken through the McD voice website. You can use any device as long as you are able to browse the website that allows you to take the survey.
  • Participants who know English or Spanish are the best candidates to participate in the survey. The questions come on your screen either in English or Spanish, which you can choose between. 

Who are all eligible for this McDonalds Feedback Survey?

There are mainly three eligibility related restrictions; otherwise, any customer who has recently visited any of the McDonald’s outlet can be a part of the survey. The survey code is provided on all the receipts since the McDvoice survey has been started. 

  • The candidate participating in the survey has to be at least 15 years of age, any age less than that is not accepted. 
  • Employees of McDonald’s and any officers or staff members connected to the food chain can’t be a part of the survey. 
  • The participant has to be a resident of the United States of America or the District of Columbia to take the survey. It is not available yet in other regions that have McDonald’s. 

Only these three conditions need to be fulfilled for you to be able to take the survey. If you are anyone who is above the age of 15 and not a McDonald’s employee, then this survey is open for you to take any day, till its there. 

Rules and Regulations you would need to Abide by in McDonalds Voice Survey

The McDonalds Feedback survey comes with certain rules and regulations which are mainly concerned with the rewards and the receipt you will have to use for validation of your survey code. 

  • The receipt that you use for the survey code generation can’t be more than seven days old. Anything more than that will not be considered valid. 
  • You can take the survey five times in a month. Participating again is an option if you have completed the survey once, and the limit has already been defined. You will have to use a different survey code every time, though. 
  • The confirmation code you receive after completing the survey is a must to redeem the rewards you receive on taking the survey. This McDonalds survey code will be generated right after all the questions are answered. 
  • If the reward isn’t claimed within seven days of earning it, it will be cancelled automatically. Its best if you redeem it as soon as possible. 

Simple Steps to be a part of the McDonald’s Customer Survey

The McDonald’s customer survey doesn’t take more than ten minutes of your time and is easy to take as well if you follow these steps in order. 

Step 1: Firstly, keep your latest McDonalds receipt with you and ready for putting in the survey code.

Step 2: Ensure you have a working internet connection and then go to

Step 3: Next step after opening the website would be to select the language in which you would wish to take your survey, which can be either English or Spanish. 

Step 4: Find the survey code printed on top of the receipt you have and type in the 26 digit number in the tab appearing on the website.

Step 5: If you don’t have the survey code printed on your receipt, considering its from sometime before the survey started but latest, there is an option you need to click on to proceed with the survey.

Step 6: This option will take you to a new window, which will ask for the store number, KS number, date and time of you visit and the amount of spending. All this is on your receipt itself.

Step 7: Once you have logged in through either of these methods, you can now start the survey.

Step 8: The first part of the questionnaire will be on food quality, and it will gradually move towards price, service, cleanliness and staff behaviour.

Step 9: At the end of the survey, you will get a validation code which validates your participation in the survey.

Step 10: Note down this code and use it within seven days at any of the outlets to get a discount or free food. 

Get McDonald’s Free Food Coupon

Like the survey code is a McDvoice coupon code for free food from McDonalds, there are many other coupons which you will be able to find. You can look for them on websites that officially work with coupons, or you can get into the email list. Exclusive coupons are sent on the email list. So, the next time the cashier asks you about your email, you would surely want to give it to him because the emails are directly added from there. The official website also sometimes comes up with application options, so you can sign up there as well. All these are online modes to get free food through coupons.

Offline options are also available for getting useful coupons but are less used today. Newspapers sometimes have McDonalds coupons in them, but you can sign up to receive them in your mailbox. Some outlets also have coupons laying around, but that’s a rare case. 

Whichever coupons you use, they can very easily help you get free burgers, drinks and much more. Some of them even let you pick what you would want, which is one of the best deals you could get at McDonald’s. 

Know more about McDonalds and its Products 

McDonald’s is known to be one of the best food chains selling affordable food which comes from a wide variety. You have endless options to choose from, and they also keep changing every time there is something new on the menu. 

The most popular products that have worked well for McDonald’s for ages literally are its basic burgers. No matter how many new burgers come up in the menu, a basic cheeseburger is what everyone ends up ordering. 

Most of the times, customers end up making a meal out of their order because by adding one or two more things, in much less amount than you would pay otherwise to get them separately. On special occasions, meals for kids are also available with toys inside them. 

McDonalds Customer Support: If you need any help!

For any queries regarding the food or any kind of complaints that you might have concerning literally anything, you can reach out for support through the phone number or use the address to forward any mails in written.

Contact number: 1-800-244-6227

Contact address:
211, McDonald’s drive,
Oak Brook, IL

You can also get in touch through social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. They will try to respond to your query as quickly as possible. These links would be helpful for you when needed.

McDonald’s Near Me: Find closest to you

The official website of the brand has an outlet locator which can be used to find a McDonalds nearest to where you are. It is extremely useful when you are in a new location and are unfamiliar with the outlets around the location. Follow these steps whenever you need to do so.

  • Open the website on any of your devices which has a working internet connection. 
  • Click on the locate option which you will find on the right top. 
  • The website will take you to another page which has the locator.
  • Put in the zip code or the name of the city you are in. 
  • There is a locate me option as well, which will automatically detect your location.
  • Once the location is detected, using either of these ways, it will show you nearby outlets to that location. 
  • Use the map on the same page for better navigation of the outlets. 


Which sandwich will you get free through McDvoice?

The free food type or McDvoice sandwich will be decided when you are there in the outlet. There is no specification of which type of McDvoice free sandwich you will get. 

Who sees McDvoice surveys?

All the surveys are checked by the employees working at McDonald’s office to understand what they need to improve. 

How to bypass McDvoice?

You can easily and quickly go through the survey if all your details are extremely accurate. Everywhere else you have just to give your review.

How to use more than one McDvoice survey?

All customers can take the survey five times a month by using a different receipt or survey code. 

What does McDvoice survey completion validation mean?

McDvoice survey completion validation is simply an indication that you have completed the questionnaire and that you have the coupon code for discounts.

How to figure out what you got from McDvoice survey?

The reward will be disclosed on your next purchase, where you can get either of the three, $25 off, $100 gift card or free food. 

What do the codes from McDvoice represent?

The validation code is for you to use when you go for your next purchase. It is the key to getting discounts.

What happens when McDonald’s gets a bad survey?

The suggestions are only used to improve the service quality that led to the bad survey. 

What is the problem with McDvoice, it’s not working?

Please check if your details regarding the receipt are accurate, the survey is working well. 


McDvoice is a great opportunity for customers to get some rewards and put their opinion forward. For the brand as well, it is a beneficial thing which helps them make their service better every day. It results in better food for us and McDonald’s customer satisfaction as well.